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Hazel Tree Design Studio – If This Wallpaper Could Talk

Akron is truly a beautiful city, with some of the most amazing art of all styles. Karen Starr opens our eyes to something maybe lesser-seen in houses, old and new, all throughout our city. “If This Wallpaper Could Talk” is a book featuring photos of some of these stunning pieces and the stories surrounding them.

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Norka Beverage

Emoclew ot Norka Zzub! That’s just “Welcome to Akron Buzz” but with the letters in reverse. Something else that gets its name from the letters being in reverse is Norka Beverage; a classic soda beverage company from right here in Akron, Ohio. We had Michael Considine, the president of Norka, in today to talk about

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Lyndsey Marie from Jean and Lou

Lyndsey Marie, co-owner from Jean + Lou joins us on today’s show. Lyndsey discusses her boutique, her plan for starting First Thursdays in Downtown Cuyahoga Falls, and the upcoming 720 Market at Gervasi Vineyards.  

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