AkronBuzz Video Production Workshops

Are you interested in advancing your skills in video production? Inquire today about the AkronBuzz video production workshops. AkronBuzz video production workshops teach videography, lighting, sound and video editing. Our program is focused on storytelling and video for news gathering. The workshops are lead by Akron area video production professionals. Learn a Canon C100, a Sony EA-50, a Panasonic GH5 and even get hands-on experience with a RED digital cinema camera.

All are welcome, including beginner level videographers, enthusiasts who shoot video for hobby or passion projects, college students and media professionals. Most participants are students working on a college degree but this is not a requirement.  Equipment is provided but participants are welcome to and encouraged to bring their own camera equipment. Workshop leaders are creatives who work in video production.  Learning happens in a group environment where everyone learns together and from each other.  Advance your video production skills in a fun and purpose filled group setting at the AkronBuzz studios.

We wear masks and practice social distancing.

Contact us through our contact form for more information.

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