Gorge Dam to be Removed by 2023

Cuyahoga Falls– A new plan has been introduced by the Ohio EPA that could see the removal of the Gorge Dam by 2023. Costs of this project have been estimated at between $65 million and $75 million. The ambitious plan will be funded as part of a joint venture between the city of Akron and other federal stakeholders. The majority of these costs will cover the removal and storage of 500 acres of sediment at a new location. The Legacy Act of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative has been used to resolve other areas of water quality concerns at over 23 sites around the Great Lakes. The Act will cover 65% of the cost of the removal. 

EPA studies conducted between 2009 and 2011 have shown that removing the Gorge Dam will increase water quality downstream and benefit the surrounding ecosystem. Planners say that the removal of sediment and dismantling of the dam’s structure will happen concurrently to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

Several other large dams have been removed in surrounding areas such as in Munroe Falls and Kent. However, the Gorge Dam will be the largest dam to be removed in the area. The United States EPA is currently working with the city of Akron to obtain more grants. 

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